The First

I am First, and Last, and many and one. But we will be nothing and none. As it was, and as it will always have been.
— Grigoros from one of the scrolls in The Library of Grigoros.

Immortal, Vampire, Insane. All of these were speculations about Grigoros, and the Athenians never did truly figure out what he was. In any case, he wished to destroy the world and make it nothing, so that officially makes him "Evil". Not to mention dangerous. Grigoros almost tasted success in his plans. After posessing about half of Athens and forcing the Athenians to solve riddles, figure out messages, and find their way out of mazes, Grigoros was finally trapped inside his own mind. Shards from his original crystal still remain in Athens, carried by those who were there to see his fall. This immortal didn't stay down, however, and a few well-meaning Athenians caused Grigoros to be released. Though he returned with as much insanity as before, the once vibrant being began to seem more sedate.

To the surprise of all, he eventually appeared as agaunt child, and voices accompanied him from the shadows. Trying to right a wrong, the Athenians performed a ritual that had undesired results: Ziminos, who they had priorly believed needed assistance, gained the ability to wield Grigoros's powers through his shard fragment. As a result, Grigoros is now a slave to Ziminos's whims, but Ziminos doesn't seem content with this. After years of being in the shadows, Ziminos and Grigoros are back, but what precisely is going on is unknown.

Other Information
The Library of Grigoros - Contains documents concerning Grigoros' history and the current belief of his followers.

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