Gwithian's Song Supplies

[Gwithian's Song Supplies]
Battered, ink-stained counters and scraps of crumpled paper scattered on the floor give the shop a messy, cluttered appearance. But behind the counter, boxes of quills, bottles of ink and sheaves of parchment are stacked neatly on a series of well-made shelves. Gwithian's housekeeping skills may be lacking, but the quality of her merchandise is obviously first rate. You also see Gwithian.

1   a sheet of parchment                              Price 1         
2   a piece of paper                                  Price 1         
3   a feather quill                                   Price 5         
4   a quill knife                                     Price 5         
5   a writing case                                    Price 5         
6   a bottle of black ink                             Price 5         
7   a floppy hat                                      Price 18        
8   a clay bowl                                       Price 10        
9   a small  book                                     Price 40        
10  a small stack of papers                           Price 10        
11  a small stack of parchments                       Price 10        
12  a large stack of papers                           Price 45        
13  a large stack of parchments                       Price 45        
14  a large bottle of ink                             Price 20        
15  a carved bone stylus                              Price 100       
16  a stylus replacement nib                          Price 3         
17  a square of  papyrus                              Price 2         

18  a huge stack of parchments                        Price 80        
19  a huge stack of papers                            Price 80

Some items in this merchant may be customized with a color.
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