Hades' Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Hades' Tent]
Somber and quiet, the tent to the god of the underworld is almost imposing in its stark simplicity. Silver thread sparkles here and there in a subdued design around the walls, the scant light offered by two candles giving a bit of a respite from the darkness.

A shrouded black table

  • a pendant engraved with a narcissus flower hung from a heavy silver chain
  • a gold circlet
  • a stuffed black toy sheep
  • an ebony pin with a working miniature scale
  • a black silk purse with gold wire ties and a carved cypress narcissus

A shrouded black counter

  • a stuffed Cerberus toy
  • an iron bird-headed staff
  • a shoulder-worn wicker cornucopia
  • a three-headed dog charm
  • a demon-faced steel great helm

A shrouded black showcase

  • a somber black iron scaled cataphracta
  • a gauzy black silk fringed caparison
  • an obsidian visored great helm
  • some black onyx studded vambraces
  • a somber black silk fringed shroud
  • some black onyx studded leg guards
  • some black onyx horseshoes

A shrouded black display

  • an onyx-veined crystal globe
  • a sharpened triple-bladed steel scythe
  • a deeply cowled black robe
  • a black Hades nutcracker
  • a stuffed Hades doll
  • an obsidian Hades statuette

A shadowy black trunk

  • a gold-gilt onyx rose in full bloom
  • an embossed black leather wristband
  • a black lace hair ribbon
  • an onyx feather pendant suspended on a fine silver chain
  • some fitted black pants with onyx buttons
  • a carved bone collar with an onyx clasp

A wooden horse

  • a somber grey saddle blanket roiling with the mists of the River Lethe
  • some heavy black chain reins flecked with onyx and pomegranate seeds
  • a dark black leather girth traced with a realistic river of flame
  • a shrouded equine plague mask decorated to resemble a head of Cerberus
  • a heavy black leather saddle hung with iron chains and a dark netting
  • a black caparison with scenes of the underworld beneath a wispy shroud
  • a jeweled leather harness with a helm of darkness replica at its center
  • a dark leather bridle edged with a subtle orange and red
  • a deep black heavy saddle blanket padded with wool
  • a dark leather saddle enhanced by leathery wings folded on each side

A shadowy black fishtank

  • a black and gold marble sculpture of Hades striding through a cavern of riches
  • a three-headed Cerberus sculpture of dark glass

A shrouded black shelf with some stuff on it

  • a pair of silver-toed boots
  • a lightly pleated mint green peasant top
  • a relic necklace with a gnarled chunk of gem-studded cypress
  • some gold filigree cufflinks with a silver coin
  • an edgy black shroud dress accented with swirls of precious metal
  • a black cowled hood with a dark cloth face mask
  • a black leather chariot vest
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