Hardy's Restaurant

[Hardy's Restaurant]
Upturned wine casks topped by thick cedar planks serve as tables, with benches of similar design, albeit smaller, drawn up to them. Patron and server alike jostle for space, sparing no kind words to get some elbow room. And yet, crowded and dark, Hardy's is constantly filled to capacity. Perhaps it is the price, perhaps the glowering waitresses. Perhaps not. You also see Hardy the tavern keeper.

     Welcome to Hardy's Restaurant!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    a slice of feta cheese pie
      2         4    a skewer of beer soaked shrimp
      3         5    a lamb and onion souvlaki
      4         4    a grilled lemon oregano squab
      5         8    a whole roasted hedgehog
      6         5    a mug of brown Gaul ale
      7         6    a tankard of Attiki porter
      8         1    a flask of rain water
      9         3    a cup of cheap beer
     10         6    a mug of Hardy's Special
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