Hebe's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Hebe's Tent]
Freshly cut wood chips cover the ground, releasing a wonderful woodsy aroma throughout the tent. Large potted trees fill the corners with their bushy leaves and beautiful flowers. Soft white doves coo to each other from their cages that hang low from the ceiling that has been painted to match the sky. A statue of Hebe stands off to the side of the tent.

A clay shelf

  • a twisted gold and citrine hair fascinator
  • a white leather chariot vest
  • a citrine studded goblet
  • a sleeveless black baby doll dress with white lace
  • a bare-chested chiton in white silk with short and frilly skirts
  • an iron open lock ear chain

A clay fishtank

  • an alabaster sculpture of Hebe pouring from a pitcher

A clay trunk

  • some flowing wide-legged satin pants
  • a delicate gold anklet set with a pale yellow diamond
  • a swirling golden edged leather sheath
  • some carved citrine dice
  • an elegant front-laced silk corset
  • a twisting necklace of fine golden strands strung with tiny citrines
  • some delicate golden barrettes

A wooden horse

  • a sturdy leather saddle trailing long white ribbons
  • a gold-edged quilted caparison laced with ribbons
  • a cerulean leather bridle trimmed with silvery braiding
  • an overstuffed padded saddle emblazoned with capering baby harpies
  • some colorfully streamered reins twisted from lengths of fabric
  • a soft twisted linen bridle topped with a pair of silly ears,
  • a fanciful linen girth decorated with capering toys and baubles
  • a citrine tail comb festooned with streamers and golden cups
  • a playful linen harness with a sparkling citrine cup at its center
  • a baby soft pink and blue saddle blanket stitched with teddy bears

A clay display

  • a sheer golden veil strung between two citrine haircombs
  • a sheer ivory veil strung between two citrine haircombs
  • a sheer bronze-hued veil strung between two citrine haircombs
  • a white marble Hebe statuette
  • a citrine-yellow kite painted with a gem-encrusted chalice
  • a yellow leather satchel embroidered with two children playing ball
  • a fluffy amber towel embroidered with tiny cups
  • a stuffed Hebe doll, a blue Hebe nutcracker
  • a small unassuming globe

A clay cup-shaped pedestal

  • a copper water and cups pericarpium
  • some citrine cup-shaped barrettes
  • a simple brown cowled robe
  • a linen animal-stitched peplos
  • some woven brown tail rosettes,
  • a pair of low leather bisoli
  • a silver cup stitched brown caparison

A clay counter

  • a dangling cups citrine fetlock bracelet
  • a carved wooden toy hamster
  • a cuddly black spotted toy cow
  • a cute little baby harpy
  • a leather tassel-trimmed belt
  • a twisted silk cord belt
  • a silver-link belt
  • a quail feather-trimmed belt,
  • a gold-link belt
  • a copper-link belt
  • an embossed leather belt

A clay table

  • some carved citrine dice
  • a citrine cup navel stud
  • a daffodil yellow sundress
  • a citrine relic pin, a bronze citrine ring
  • a citrine clasp cloak
  • a citrine cup-shaped relic
  • an etched silver flask
  • a citrine-dyed leather sheath
  • a carved wooden ferret

A clay display case

  • a citrine jeweled headband
  • an ornate golden cup pin
  • a silky soft toy kitten
  • a white leather citrine covered satchel
  • a golden citrine relic necklace
  • a citrine cluster ring
  • a loveable toy puppy
  • some marble dice

A clay chest

  • an elegant harmonic silver rapier
  • a troll toy, a citrine studded goblet
  • a camel toy
  • a faceted citrine relic ring
  • an ivory silk sleeveless dress
  • a chariot engraved silver helm
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