Thrown by angry Jove,
Sheer o'er the crystal battlements ; from morn
To noon he fell, from noon to dewey eve,
A summer's day ; and with the setting sun
Dropped from the zenith, like a falling star,
On Lemnos, the Aegean isle.

— Milton

Hephaestus, son of Hera (conceived without any help from Zeus or any other male for that matter), is the god of fire and metal working. Born weak and lame, Hera was disgusted by him so that she tossed him out of Olympus where he fell for over a day until he was rescued by the sea goddess Thetis. He grew to have a strong upper body but twisted legs due to Hera's harsh treatment, he also became the best craftsman the world had ever seen. When Hera laid eyes on a magnificent brooch he had made she called him back to Olympus immediately. There he became the smith of the gods, using a volcano as a forge he built them golden palaces, chariots, weapons, and tools. He married Aphrodite, which of course did not stop her from taking other lovers.

Hephaestus favors training in Weapons, Physical Development, Mechanical Knowledge and Arcane Knowledge, but disfavors Acrobatics and Alchemy. His symbol is the hammer and his followers often sacrifice sardonyx stones, metal, and ore to him.

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