Hephaestus' Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Hephaestus' Tent]
Large smokey braziers fill the tent with a dark red glow. In the far corner rests a statue of Hephaestus standing over an anvil. Red and black flags cover the ceiling, each depicting a different tool used by the master smith. Coarsely woven rugs are scattered on the ground. A pedestal with an open book on it stands in the middle of the tent.

An iron shelf

  • a gray leather chariot jacket
  • a wire-wrapped damascus steel xiphos with a rippled blade
  • a pair of midnight black leather boots with slightly pointed toes
  • a compact tinkerer's toolkit
  • a sheer crimson chiffon dress wrapped
  • draped with heavy iron chains and an interlocking link nose chain

An iron fishtank

  • a serpentine Hephaestus wielding a hammer and fire

A wooden horse

  • a highly polished supple black leather saddle with embroidered stirrups
  • a silvery silk caparison edged with tiny crystal bells
  • a tan bridle edged in dark suede with a leather trim
  • a heavy leather girth reinforced by thick iron rings and buckles
  • a thick leather harness with a crossed hammer and tongs at its center
  • a thick leather saddle shaped like an anvil and embossed with flames
  • a hammered iron bridle stamped with crossed hammers and an anvi
  • some iron tail ribbons festooned with tiny weapons and armor
  • a dark grey caparison edged in faux rivets with stylized flames
  • a pair of heavy reinforced iron hoof boots with steel rivets

An iron display

  • a heavy Hephaestean steel khopesh
  • a Hephaestean steel bearded war axe
  • a Hephaestean steel Attic helmet with a red plume
  • a Hephaestean steel bell cuirass
  • an iron Hephaestus statuette
  • a stuffed Hephaestus doll
  • a plain globe on an iron base
  • a grey Hephaeustus nutcracker

An iron showcase

  • a musculature molded iron breastplate
  • a gold hammer engraved sard ring
  • some tooled leather legwraps
  • a stylized anvil scaled cataphracta
  • a rough leather forge apron
  • some heavy hobnail boots
  • some molded leather splint boots

An iron counter

  • a tool box
  • an iron anvil relic pin
  • a heavy leather apron
  • a dark silver sword-shaped vial
  • a silver hammer emblazoned shield
  • a flame-etched forge relic ring
  • some hammered dark plate gauntlets
  • a hammer-hilted anvil-etched handaxe
  • an iron-riveted black weapon harness

An iron table

  • a black iron eyebrow ring
  • a polished sardonyx navel stud
  • a sardonyx lower lip stud
  • some plate hammer-etched gauntlets
  • a silver war hammer relic ring
  • an iron sardonyx-inlaid greatsword
  • a silver sardonyx-inlaid handaxe
  • some heavy leather trousers,
  • a silver hammer-etched shield
  • a silver and leather weapon harness

An iron display case

  • a pair of steel tipped boots
  • an iron hammer symbol
  • a sardonyx encrusted shield,
  • a large black iron shield
  • a sharpened iron handaxe
  • a chain link black leather bodice
  • a black iron link relic necklace
  • a highly polished bronze shield
  • a bronze-hilted black iron longsword
  • a black iron band

An iron trunk

  • a knotwork pewter and adamantine diamond ear cuff
  • a blackened and molded steel half-mask
  • a tight black leather off-shoulder gown
  • a heavy iron collar with a sardonyx clasp,
  • a blackened steel belt case with iron rivets
  • some fitted blacksmith's pants,
  • some heavy black boots with iron soles
  • a flame-etched anklet
  • a wooden hammer toy
  • a bronze anvil engraved war hammer
  • a deep red anvil-embossed cape
  • a fire embroidered thigh pouch
  • a wooden anvil toy
  • an anvil engraved plate breastplate
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