Hera's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Hera's Tent]
Represented by a large gold peacock on a pedestal, the queen of the gods has been given all due respect as far as glamour is concerned. Rubies are set in the peacock's eyes, and amethyst dust glitters in the light given by two brilliant braziers. Thievery seems not to be a major concern of those running the festival for the punishments given by Hera are no secret.

A large amethyst dusted table

  • a black and white cow relic necklace
  • a golden diadem with a diaphanous veil
  • a gold stylus carved to resemble a peacock feather
  • a long royal blue silk gown with a peacock tail train
  • a gold hair comb enameled with a colorful peacock tail
  • a small gold mirror shaped like a peacock feather

A large amethyst counter

  • a patched linen infant carryall
  • an oversized linen caparison
  • an oversized peacock blue dress
  • a layered peacock feather cloak
  • some peacock feather fringed legwraps
  • a peacock feather fringed armilla
  • a peacock eye etched wedding ring

An amethyst dusted display

  • a regal royal purple glass globe,
  • a regal silver and diamond diadem
  • a brown Hera nutcracker,
  • a stuffed Hera doll
  • a stone Hera statuette

An amethyst dusted trunk

  • a blue silk thigh pouch with a dangling diamond charm
  • a wrapped blue silk gown with an elegant diamond brooch
  • a silver and blue diamond ferroniere
  • a fire-cut blue diamond pendant
  • a faceted blue diamond peacock feather

A wooden horse

  • a fanciful tailwrap hung with a spray of delicate opium poppies
  • some strong linen reins that have been coiled around silver thunderbolts
  • a heavily fringed caparison mocked up to resemble the golden fleece
  • a reinforced linen girth detailed with scenes of Hera's acts of jealousy
  • a plain linen bridle topped with a golden diadem and a sheer veil
  • a heavy linen harness with a large golden cow head at its center
  • a brown linen wrapped saddle painted with detailed peacock feathers
  • a black suede bridle with stylish silver hoops,
  • a black leather saddle blanket edged with small golden horse charms
  • a dark brown leather saddle embossed with prancing horses

An amethyst dusted fishtank

  • a white and gold marble sculpture of Hera
  • a large peacock and a pure white marble bust of Hera

An amethyst dusted shelf

  • a white gold and emerald wedding ring,
  • a white gold and emerald wedding band
  • a peacock eye etched wedding band
  • a peacock eye etched wedding ring,
  • a form fitting green dress with feathered skirts and a bejewelled bodice
  • a thin gold neck chain with a white gold ring hanging from it
  • a teal leather chariot jacket
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