Hermes' Haven Tavern

[Hermes' Haven Tavern]
A half-dozen crowded tables and the rowdy patrons that swarm around them all — somehow — manage to find room to squeeze inside the tiny tavern. The thumping of mugs and bowls on wooden tabletops punctuates the flurry of bawdy jibes and wildly spinning yarns as travellers from near and far meet over the strong drink and hearty fare for which the establishment is known. You also see the tavern keeper, a tavern menu and a serving counter.

     Welcome to Hermes' Haven Tavern!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        10    a shot of ouzo
      2        12    a shot of whiskey
      3         5    a glass of watered wine
      4         2    a loaf of hard bread
      5         6    a bowl of thick mutton stew
      6         5    a mug of pale ale
      7         8    a pint of stout
      8         5    some salted beef strips
      9         5    a bowl of steaming kakavia
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