Hero's Welcome

[Hero's Welcome]
The air held in by the high ceiling is dim and steamy, soft music with a heavy beat playing in the background. A large portrait hangs over the autograph-covered counter, portraying two warrior men and a warrior woman standing together. Heroic souvenirs from all over Greece hang in cases above rows of tables in the seating area along the crowded walls, the back wall covered with memorabilia of the famous. You also see Sid, a brightly painted menu, a wide archway, a green curtained doorway and an autographed counter with some stuff on it.

     Welcome to Hero's Welcome!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         5    a basket of spicy mermel wings
      2         6    some bacon and cheddar cheese potato skins
      3         6    some brie and artichoke heart potato skins
      4         6    some olive and mozzarella potato skins
      5         4    some salty fried sliced potatoes
      6         5    a vegetable chilled shrimp salad
      7        16    a rack of honey barbecued ribs
      8         8    a hot bowl of hearty clam chowder
      9         6    some lemon-lime flaky fried fish and chips
     10         7    a cheese-topped tomato sauce flatbread
     11         8    a broiled ground steak sandwich
     12         3    a syrupy sweet chocolate drink
     13         4    a creamy strawberry malt
     14         4    a foamy mug of spicy pale lager
     15         4    a deep black bitter oatmeal stout
     16         4    a frosty mug of hearty brown beer
     17        30    a shot of single cask whiskey
     18         3    a glass of cheap red wine
     19         8    a bottle of Sid's Hard Oliveade

     Welcome to Sidekick's Lounge!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         5    a slice of cinnamon apple pie
      2         5    a slice of cherry-topped cheesecake
      3         5    a slice of chocolate fudge cake
      4         6    a hot fudge vanilla sundae
      5         6    a wildberry strawberry sundae
      6         6    a caramel chocolate sundae
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