Hestia's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Hestia's Tent]
Bright streamers dyed many shades of orange, yellow and red drape across the ceiling, billowing in the breeze like a living flame. A glazed brick hearth stands against the back of the tent, cozy warmth glowing from its blazing flame. Clothed in soft robes, a tall statue stands before the hearth, gazing into the fire.

A stone box

  • a beautifully crafted cooking pot
  • a ball and chain inlaid with a gold torch symbol
  • a beautiful flame shaped brow ring
  • a stuffed bear wearing a flame adorned tunic
  • some plate leg greaves inlaid with red jaspers
  • a jasper dusted cloak
  • a silk torch shaped pack

A stone display case

  • a fiery red coal symbol
  • a bronze flame relic pendant
  • a fiery red and orange gown
  • a flame-etched thin bronze ring
  • a brown jasper etched bronze earring
  • a fiery red and orange backpack

A stone table

  • a well-made woolen coin purse
  • a pouncing kitten pin
  • a detailed gold hearth-shaped brooch
  • a playful puppy pin
  • a polished silver tankard
  • a jasper flame-shaped charm
  • a light jasper-clasped cape
  • a jasper burning hearth symbol
  • a whimsical white frock
  • a sable brown jasper-buttoned shirt

A stone counter

  • an ash-grey knit wool sweater
  • a fire opal and grey moonstone tiara
  • a cast iron hearth poker
  • a coal onyx and ruby flame bracelet
  • a silken flame-wreathed vest
  • a flame etched virginal white bodice-armor
  • a rose hue embroidered skirt
  • a brown jasper flame-shaped earring
  • a flame red jasper-clasped backpack
  • a jasper flame-etched ring

A stone showcase

  • a flame etched silver belly chain
  • a red flame edged black cape
  • a gossamer white silk veil
  • a gilded copper flame tepeliki
  • a red and black flame stitched caparison
  • some white silk legwraps
  • a virginal white cowled robe

A stone display

  • a brown Hestia nutcracker
  • a gleaming glass globe on a stone base
  • a stuffed Hestia doll
  • a silver mother and child pendant
  • a long white cotton night gown
  • a white cotton sleeping cap
  • a long and brightly colored house dress
  • an ivory Hestia statuette

A wooden horse

  • a simple harness with a wrought-iron eternal flame at its center
  • a simple white caparison stained with ash at the frayed edges
  • a heavy leather girth smeared in ash and scorched along its edges
  • a leather bridle stamped with the symbol of the Hestian Virgins
  • some simple woven leather reins singed and smeared with fireplace ash
  • a comfortably padded saddle engraved with lamps and eternal flames
  • an ash-grey wool saddle blanket stitched with domestic scenes
  • a simple leather bridle stitched with red bordering
  • a fiery red leather saddle embossed with streaking flames on the stirrups
  • a blood red caparison strapped with silver buckles

A stone trunk

  • a modest white empire waist blouse with elegant beadwork
  • some fringed white pants with jasper buttons
  • a white satin and lace hair ribbon
  • a burnt sienna silk tasseled sash
  • a soft cream suede bodice with white lace underlining
  • a slender etched silver breast dagger
  • a simple white draped silk chiton
  • some fire opal teardrop earrings

A stone fishtank

  • a grey stone sculpture of Hestia tending a hearth

A stone shelf

  • a fiery orange and red gown created from multiple veils sewn together
  • a pure white silk button-down shirt with gold buttons
  • a pair of supple leather jack boots with flame-engraved gold buckles
  • a steel xiphos crafted to resemble a blooming flower
  • a golden leather chariot vest
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