Officially part of the isles of Thera, Hierra is one of the smaller isles caused by the splitting of the island by a volcanic eruption. It is currently covered in lycanthropes and serves as a hunting area for those in the 180-200 level range. It is extremely dangerous for anyone not in that level range to venture on during the night, though during the day the southern road is safe from the lycanthropes. During the night, a guide should be paid if one wishes to access the shrine of Hades and the cavern village found beyond it. The village houses the refugees who are refusing to simply give Hierra over to the now-monstrous villagers. The shops within this village are more of a survivalist type nature, ranging from modified broom handles to sleeping rolls. It is not without some luxuries, however, also containing unique jewelry, some bizarre oddities, and all you need to make your own chocolate,cracker, and marshmallow sandwiches.


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