Hierra Cavern Village Tavern

[Hierra, Cavern Village]
A large cook stove has been placed against the wall at the end of the corridor with a vent cut into the ceiling giving a rare glimpse at the sky outside. Shelves cut into the wall hold all manner of spices and dried meats as well as sacks of grain and other ingredients needed for a meal along with the pots and pans needed to cook them. A table pushed against the wall next to it provides a place to work as well as serve the food once it's finished. You also see a tattered list.

     Welcome to Cavern Village Kitchen!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    a hunk of hearty granary bread
      2        14    a chunk of tender roast rabbit
      3        10    a thick and hearty squirrel stew
      4         7    some stewed carrots and potatoes
      5         8    a bowl of clear mushroom soup
      6         6    a cinnamon and sugar roasted apple
      7         2    a glass of clean fresh water
      8         8    a mug of honey yeast beer
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