Hippia's Taverna

[Hippias' Taverna]
The large taverna is dimly lit by burnished brass oil lamps. Dark oaken tables are covered with white linen tablecloths — a few stained wine-red. A huge mosaic behind the long, polished bar shows a group of people dancing happily around a great bonfire. A boisterous atmosphere, almost desperately so, reigns amongs the patrons here. You also see a bartender and a menu.

     Welcome to Hippia's Taverna!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    a pint of pilsner
      2         6    a tankard of honey beer
      3         5    a glass of red wine
      4         5    a glass of rose wine
      5         6    a glass of vintage white wine
      6         7    a glass of plum liqueur
      7        10    a snifter of chilled aqua vitae
      8        10    a bowl of sheep-eye soup
      9         7    a bowl of hearty stew
     10        12    a spicy leg of lamb
     11        14    a roasted suckling pig
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