History Of The Trust In Athens

Some years ago, two sorcerers set up shop in Athens and proceeded to meddle in affairs better left to the gods. The result of this being that they regretfully opened a portal to the underworld, releasing an army of hundreds of undead, among them a man named Caradoc who had been killed by a small group of Athenians some years prior. Led by a sorceress named Zandramas, with Caradoc now made general of the new army of undead, the undead laid siege to Athens and its citizens, even seeking them out in other lands. After many days of battling, the event came to a climax which involved the men of Athens being turned by Zandramas' power into attacking their female neighbors and friends. The sorceress Adie (one of the original two), who had been aiding Athenians with blessed weapons to fight off the non-corporeal attackers, managed to steal something of value from Caradoc - a horse-headed torc - and gained Persephone's attention at her shrine. When Caradoc showed up to regain his torc, Persephone called upon Hades and Caradoc was taken back to the depths of Tartarus. Some say he can still be found there to this day, chained to a flaming stake, forever to burn.

Persephone then faced down Zandramas and the waves of undead were ceased. After this she released the men from their spell, and granted those present a silver token, designating the first members of the Athenian branch of her Trust. Since then, the original few have gained in rank and abilities, and the Trust has gained many new members to fight for Persephone and release the tormented souls of the mindless undead.

Return of Zandramas
Not too long ago, Athens was attacked by undead again. Zandramas had returned, it seemed, and was ready to seek her revenge. She launched a simultaneous attack against all branches of the Trust, effectively shutting them down and preventing anyone from accessing the resources within.

In Athens at the time were three Vrykolakas, or Greek vampires, who had recently arrived. One among them in particular, Basilikos, realized the threat that this new attack presented and moved to intercept it. He gathered one of his allies, Vinnee, and started to aid the Athenians. He asked the third vrykolakas, Lenore, to handle Zandramas (which she did rather easily, and no Athenian -really- wanted to know just how she managed it). However, even with Zandramas out of the way, the undead were still attacking in an organized fashion. It seemed that in Zandramas' first push of her power, the call had gone out to ALL undead, and in her absence the more powerful of them had taken over the attack, seizing the opportunity to expand upon their own territories. More and more undead were pouring into Athens as those from even far away lands were slowly making their way to the city.

The vrykolakas were able to find out that it was the Wolves of Hierra that were now leading the undead. The wolves being Lycanthropos, or werewolves, had been a consistent threat that they had managed to reduce to Hierra through sheerly being stronger. But now with the armies of undead closing in, they had seized their opportunity. At first the vrykolakas aided the Athenians by making available Trust supplies such as holy water vials and spheres, while members of the Trust created stakes and batches of holy water with the empty vials provided by Basilikos. As the battles raged and it was clear that Athenians would fall to the wolves when the more powerful undead reached the city, Basilikos took a more active role. With his aid, the Athenians were able to fend off a major wave of undead (while the vrykolakas handled the wolves as they snuck in through the catacombs), before travelling to the island of Hierra, seeking out the surviving villagers there who had taken shelter in the caverns. After they figured out how to enter the cavern, which proved to be something of a puzzle, they found a priestess by the name of Polieras, who agreed to travel back with them to Athens. Once there she was able to reopen the Trust, and the undead were slowly beaten back.

For now the Trust stands, gaining new members and continuing its work against the undead.

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