Hrorek's Priestly Goods Shop

[Hrorek's Priestly Goods Shop]
Knotted grey fishing nets suspended from the ceiling serve as storage for the shop, reminders of Hrorek's past. On the low wooden shelves beneath the shuttered window are bits of pottery, unusual axe-heads, slightly burnt rolls of parchment and a thin coil of rope set in a museum-like display.

1   a candle                                          Price 2         
2   a hammer symbol                                   Price 3         
3   a moose symbol                                    Price 3         
4   a reindeer symbol                                 Price 3         
5   a Mjollnir relic                                  Price 3         
6   a Sleipnir figurine                               Price 3     

7   a squid symbol                                    Price 3         
8   a piece of weathered driftwood                    Price 3         
9   a rune                                            Price 3         
10  a rune necklace                                   Price 20        
11  a pair of rune earrings                           Price 35        
12  a rune pin                                        Price 20

Most items may be customized with a color or material.
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