Edition 16 September 6 2000

Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes Newsletter: Edition 16
September 6, 2000

Table of Contents

1. Upcoming Events: Rogue Forum, Centaur Garb, Lyre at Large
2. Athenian News: Joxer Tales Winners, Poisoning Priests & Warriors, Jubalee, Harassment
3. Premium News: Meeting & Contest Winners
4. Contact Us

1. Upcoming Events:

There's a rogue forum planned for all you rogues and rogues at heart, on September 9th at 8 PM EST in the Sweet Oblivi Inn Sitting Room (DIR INN inthe NW QUAD). Join your gurus Revel and Astraea for a night of deceit and skullduggery that everyone is invited to attend! Please keep in mind that this will be a rogue forum and therefor the topic will be rogues and only rogues.

A roan centaur was spotted signing up at the local merchant guild by one of Sid's tavern wenches just yesterday. After a bit of weasel wording among other things, she learned that the centaur was a merchant who dealt specifically in hard to acquire centaur-wear! So keep an ear out for hooves and an eye out for this centaur of fashion coming soon to a wagon near you.

One of our resident warlords has landed himself in a spot of trouble by stealing a certain lyre belonging to the muse, Terpsichore. Timalcus has several people hot on his tail, most of them out for the lyre for their own reasons. So be sure to watch the next instrument that comes flying into the air just within grasp, you might just find yourself holding the key to this plot of scheming and intrigue.

2. Athenian News:

Congratulations to the talented contestants who concocted wonderfully creative tales of our favorite bumbling warrior in the Joxer's Tales Contest! Gabrielle opened the night with a wonderful story and was soon joined by Aphrodite and Autolycus along with Joxer's brother, Jace, who all judged the contest.

First Place: Kalipso
Second Place: Angelia
Third Place: Tanalyn, Krunk, Garrock, Pamico, Scheherazade (honorary)

All warriors and priests can now attempt to poison your weapons with the best of them! The local hospices have been put on full alert so poison away, just try and remember which end you put the stuff on!

Our hard-working Holyph has rustled herself up a new co-guru to finally make her the co-guru that she always wanted to be. Congratulations to Jubalee and to all the storytellers, we're in for some fun!

Please be aware of the many options available to you to keep yourself out of unwanted situations. Make sure to check HELP AVOID, HELP CHIDE, and HELP DEMEANOR and consider these options in encounters with unsavory people. If you find yourself in a situation that you find undesirable and beyond your control, remember to REPORT the problem so that a GM can get involved with the situation. See NEWS 19 in-game for more helpful tips!

3. Premium News:

The Premium Estate Meeting will be on Sunday, September 10 at 7pm EST at the Diamond Estate. The winners of the Build your Estate Contest will be announced at this time so be sure to attend!

4. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments about the game, or just want to drop us a line to say "hi", please reply to moc.scinortumis|umisxh#moc.scinortumis|umisxh. We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks again for joining us in the online world of Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes. We hope this newsletter has given you some useful information that will help you along in your adventures!

See you in the game!

The Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes Team

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