Edition 19 January 11 2001

Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes Newsletter: Edition 19
January 11, 2001
Table of Contents

1. Upcoming Events: Mentor Winter Fair
2. Athenian News: New Titles, Dunkel's New Wares
3. Premium News: Aphrodite Storytelling Contest, Estate Gathering, Premium Gossip
4. Contact Us

1. Upcoming Events:

Come one, come all! It's time again to join the Promethean Mentor Society at the Fairgrounds for a weekend of entertainment, games, fun and surprises at the third semi-annual Mentor Fair! The Fair will open on the evening of Friday, January 19th and will run through Sunday, January 21st. A schedule of events will be listed inside the Fairgrounds. To get there, get DIRections to the PEIRAIC GATE in ATHENS NORTHWEST, and GO up the PATH into the Fairgrounds. See you there!

2. Athenian News:

You can finally express yourself with the new title system! Simply type TITLE in the game for full details.

Dunkel now sells buckets for tar traps. You can now add the feathers to your tar to create a tar and feathering trap. Get ready to watch those arrogant Romans really whine! Happy hunting!

3. Premium News:

Premium Estates is sponsoring an Aphrodite Storytelling contest on February 25th at 8:00 PM EST. Come prepared to sing a song or tell a story about Aphrodite! Everyone is invited and the competition is open to all Athenians. We hope to see you there!

Join fellow Premium members and GameMasters Ianthe and Surreal in the Diamond Estate for the monthly meeting on January 21st at 7:00 PM.

The word on the streets of Athens is that there may be a new hangout for Estate Holders. Keep your eyes and ears open.

4. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments about the game, or just want to drop us a line to say "hi", please reply to moc.scinortumis|umisxh#moc.scinortumis|umisxh. We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks again for joining us in the online world of Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes. We hope this newsletter has given you some useful information that will help you along in your adventures!

See you in the game!

The Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes Team

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