Edition 20 February 8 2001

Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes Newsletter: Edition 20
February 8, 2001

Table of Contents

1. Upcoming Events: Gone Fishing, Grab-Bag Games
2. Athenian News: Events Calendar, New Verbs, Custom Lockpicks, Well-Genie
3. Premium News: Premium Meeting, Sweetheart Night, Raffle, Contest o' Love
4. Contact Us

1. Upcoming Events:

If you think you can pull the heaviest fish from the water, or want to learn how, come join Mentor Epoclaen at Bertrum's Tackle Shop in Eleusis on February 11th at 4pm EST for the semi-annual Fishing Tourney. Players of all ages are invited and will have a chance to win! To get to Eleusis, use DIR NW then DIR GATE and head west and northwest until you see the gates.

Can you 'fly' faster than Pegasus? Do you have the best grab-and-run since Atalanta and the golden apples? Or is life in Athens simply too tame for your tastes? If you answered 'Yes' to any of those questions, we want you for the Drag Races! The Drag Races combine speed, strategy and even stealing for the good of your team! Are you ready for life in the fast lane? Join Mentor Becca at the Halade Gate on Sunday, February 18th at 4pm EST for the fastest game in town! See NEWS 30 in-game for more details.

2. Athenian News:

We may have been forced by Caesar to use the Roman Calendar, but it still has everything to do with Greece! Now you can check for upcoming events on the fly just by pulling down the 'Simutronics' menu in your Wizard and selecting the 'Calendar of Events' option (or point your browser to http://www.play.net/simunet_public/events/feeds.asp?game=HX). And for those who like surprises, fear not! Not all events can be constrained by such mortal things as schedules.

Two new verbs have been rolled off the assembly line in preparation for something fun for one and all! The new verbs, for those who haven't stumbled across them yet, are FOLD and SINK. Experiment with them and keep an eye out for more to come.

Do you think a true rogue shouldn't go on a shopping spree whenever they run out of tools? Tired of the town guards hanging around the locksmith just waiting to take you into custody because they know you're bound to show sooner or later? Well, anti-social box pickers rejoice! Very soon you will be able to make lockpicks of your very own. Name them, pet them, invite them over for tea - do whatever you like, they're yours and yours alone!

Contrary to popular belief, all genies apparently do not come from bottles. Not long ago a princess claiming to be a genie named Jennie was heard calling for help from the Fedmire well. Through the help of several heroes and a wicked looking trident, she was soon released and raining fire opals all over town. So where are our three wishes? Or do well-genies only give two? Only time will tell.

3. Premium News:

The Premium Estate Meeting will be on Sunday, February 11th at 7pm EST at the Diamond Estate Audience Hall. GM Surreal hosts this month's Estate Meeting so be sure to join her for updates and information on upcoming events.

The Widow Twanky marks her Athenian comeback with Sweetheart Night! Food, drinks, dancing and the Widow's own charm will put you in the mood for romance. Bring your proposals, songs, poems, and don't forget a little smooch for her Twanky-ness! Join us Tuesday, February 13th at 8pm EST at on the Diamond Estate lawn on for a night of fun.

Join Morguena for the monthly raffle at the Diamond Estate in the South Sitting Room on Thursday, February 22nd at 10pm EST. Tickets will cost 100 dinar and be limited to 1 per person; fun will be free and unlimited for all!

At least that's what she told us while Cupid had us at arrow-point. Join us on the Diamond Estate Portico at 9pm EST on Sunday, February 25th with your songs and stories about Aphrodite and win! Everyone is invited! Just don't mention her bleached… wait, I didn't mean it! Argggggh…

(The editors would like to apologize for the abrupt end to this month's newsletter. We will be taking applications for a new reporter immediately).

4. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments about the game, or just want to drop us a line to say "hi", please reply to moc.scinortumis|umisxh#moc.scinortumis|umisxh. We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks again for joining us in the online world of Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes. We hope this newsletter has given you some useful information that will help you along in your adventures!

See you in the game!

The Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes Team

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