Edition 21 March 12 2001

Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes Newsletter: Edition 21
March 12, 2001

Table of Contents

1. Upcoming and Recent Events: Rogue Forum, Storyteller Forum, Contest Winners
2. Athenian News: Death Penalties Increased, Expansion Coming Soon, Arena Traps
3. Premium News: Portraits and Body Art, Home for Sale
4. Contact Us

1. Upcoming and Recent Events:

GameMasters Revel and Astraea will be hosting a Rogue Forum on March 24th at 6pm EST in the Council House, Assembly Hall. (To get there, follow directions using DIR NORTHWEST. Once in the Northwest Quadrant, follow directions using DIR EMPLOYEMENT. Go inside the Council House, go down the stairs and finally through the double doors.)

All Storytellers are invited to join Jubalee and Holyph for a night of fun and a few surprises on March 29th at 9pm EST at the Place of Assembly in Athens Southwest Quadrant. To get there make sure you are in the SW Quad and ask for DIRections to the AMMUNITION shop, then go west twice and southwest once.

Congratulations to the following winners of the Aphrodite Story Contest!

First Place: Goldenmane
Second Place: Phalo
Third Place: Pelias

And congratulations to the following winners of the Mentor Grab Bag Games!

First Place: Creeo, Logann, Patiencee, Dum, Euphrasia, Kirafern, Renae, and Hawkeye
Second Place: Nightonicus, Kintent, Eka, Polyaedus, Steelfire, Cosmo, Darkshadows, and Nnovakk

2. Athenian News:

Hades, in a last ditch effort to avoid the downsizing that is affecting underworlds across the known world, has upped his death penalties a bit to try and discourage rampant misuse of his place of business as a public thoroughfare. One of the lesser demons of Tartarus is quoted as saying, "The locals are taking well to the change. They liked the visitors but hated seeing them just walk out like they owned the place."

Keep an eye out in the near future as we expand the known world even further and give you glimpses of glorious wonders beyond the imagination of mere mortals! Well, we'll guarantee the first bit anyway. Keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you!

A babbling crowd of onlookers sat and watched in disbelief as the local militia worked to cut a hapless arena guard from a net placed at his post Friday. One of the gladiators fighting a lion at the time was struck by an idea, no small feat for one of his lack of wit. No sooner were the words out of his mouth then they were allowing all sorts of shady characters into the arena to do battle with tripwires and caltrops and all other manner of traps. The crowd seems to love it.

3. Premium News:

After much negotiating, the Sapphire Estate is proud to present its first merchant! The famed portrait artist, Misa, will be making portraits for 15 lucky people who sign up for her list. Join her at 9:30pm EST on Monday, March 19th in the Sapphire Estate Marble Lounge.

Join Ispan — the Mistress of body art — in the Diamond Estate! While she will not give a time or how many tattoos she will do, she does say she will visit throughout the evening of Friday, March 30th.

Yes, that's right! The abandoned two story house in the heart of beautiful downtown Nittedal Bygd will soon be put up for sale! Deed claims will need to be purchased from the realty offices in Athens at a price of 1250 dinars. The home will be put up for sale sometime before March 18th in an effort to make it fair for all interested parties. First come first serve. Good luck!

4. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments about the game, or just want to drop us a line to say "hi", please reply to moc.scinortumis|umisxh#moc.scinortumis|umisxh. We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks again for joining us in the online world of Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes. We hope this newsletter has given you some useful information that will help you along in your adventures!

See you in the game!

The Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes Team

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