Ice Skating

One form of entertainment that is around year long despite its seemingly seasonal appearance, ice skating is can be found on a pond iced over by magic in Oinoe. Simply look for the skate rental shop near Toelleanbac Way & Loe Road.

[Skate Rental Shop]
A thick mat rests at the entrance to the shop where patrons may wipe off any snow that they track in. Rough cedar planks line the floor and a crude wooden counter has been built along the wall opposite the entrance. Behind the counter stands the shop owner, busily polishing and repairing the returned rental skates. You also see Valkealumi, an opening and a large wooden sign.
Obvious exits: out.
Read the sign to see what the prices are:

    Rentals will be collected when your
    time has expired.  Leaving the rental
    shop before your time has expired will
    forfeit any time you have paid for.
    5 minutes                  10 dinars
   15 minutes                  25 dinars
   30 minutes                  45 dinars
   60 minutes                  85 dinars

GIVE Valkealumi (or Valk for ease) the number of dinars that matches up with how much time you want for the ice, and you will be handed a pair of ice skates. You must WEAR these, but you do not need to remove shoes to do so. Old fashion ice skates were usually buckled over the boot worn at the time, as opposed to being a boot and the blade. It does no clarify which kind of ice skates these ones are, so you can choose to roleplay either way.

Head through the opening and out the back door in order to reach the bank of the pond at the bottom of the steps. Here, you can put on your skates and head south onto the pond. Be careful, as certain verbs will cause you to skate right off the pond. There are lots of verbs available on the ice, and they even change when doing them to yourself and to another person. Couples will find that they also have reactions to the verbs that are only for them as well! Do remember to turn in your ice skates in time, or thugs will come out on the ice and take them back from you… in a quite unpleasant manner.

Even if you would like to find all the verbs, I will warn you of the very crucial SKATE and STOP verbs that are used in ice skating, since skate is unique to ice skating and stop is not used in many places.

If you wish to explore the verbs by yourself, do not past this point. I am listing the verbs that my ice skates from an auction show as the skating verbs below. Feel free to try them out, some of them vary quite a bit from even using them repeatedly, to how you interact with others. Enjoy!

hug kiss pull nudge poke stop
push jump stretch twist fall bounce
bow curtsy kick pace shuffle tap
stumble turn throw clench sway duck
nag sashay skip bop run

A quick example of how these can change:
You do a double spin jump, landing with a slight wobble, but recover very nicely!

But when tried again:

You skate slowly, building speed, then leap from the ice effortlessly to a double spin jump, land solidly, do another rapid spin on the ice and finish with a slight bow of your head!
The judges give you a 10.0!

So, with the different verbs, you can roleplay your character out suitably. If they are a good skater, quite a few verbs lend themselves to that appearance. If they are new at it, or not good at it, STUMBLE and FALL may be your greatest aids in depicting that.
After all, FALL's
You stumble and go flying across the ice on your belly, oww!
hardly seems the actions of a seasoned ice skater. ;)

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