Impudence is the cost of employing the power of the gods. The more you use magic, the higher it goes. Eventualy, the gods will make their displeasure known in physicaly violent ways. Namely, the disembodied angry fit of the gods smacking you upside the head, and stealing your spells away before you can cast them. Eventualy an experienced priest will hardly even notice the accumulation of impudence, unless they are doing some serious spell-slinging. But for all those young priests, there are ways to lower your impudence.

You can wait a while. Your impudence will slowly drop over time. You can check to see how much you still have by typing IMPUDENCE in game. You can also OFFER items to the gods, at a temple or shrine. It dosen't have to be your diety, and most items will be accepted. Laurel Leaves or Feathers foraged up work well. If you have no Wood Lore skill, then you will need a couple items to get rid of very high impudence. If you do have wood lore, however, your foraged items will contain several parts, and just one will get rid of all your godly troubles.

The levels of Impudence:

  • You are free from all marks of Impudence.
  • You have the impudence of a child. The gods smile within their thoughts.
  • You have the impudence of a drunken warrior. The gods find you most amusing.
  • You have the impudence of a teacher's pet. The gods might give a cluck of the * tongue but not much else.
  • You have the impudence of a rebellious teenager. The gods will likely do less than send you to your room.
  • You have the impudence of a rogue warlord. The gods think little of your matters.
  • You have the impudence of an arrogant prince. The gods have only slight contempt for your audacity.
  • You have the impudence of a military general. The gods tolerate you without joy.
  • You have the impudence of a know-it-all scholar. The gods are likely sneering at the thought of you.
  • You have the impudence of a holier-than-thou priest. The gods are watching you closely. Once your impudence reaches this level, casting spells will reward you with: As your magic begins to form, you feel the grasp of a giant hand as it encases your body. The tense moment seems an eternity but instantly the feeling is gone… along with your spell.
  • You have the impudence of a self righteous king. At this level, any attempt at casting spells will result in: As the power of your magic coalesces, out of nowhere you are slapped across the back of the head with a stunning blow! In your stupor, you can only think of what you must have done to offend the gods… Stunned 5 rounds.
  • You have the impudence of a royally spoiled brat. The gods shall surely strike you down at any moment! Any further attempts at casting a spell or using magic results in: Before your magic can take shape, you spot the back of a giant translucent hand just as it wallops you down to the ground! Stunned 10 rounds.
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