In With the Tide, Showroom

[In With the Tide, Showroom]
This small jewelry shop does a decent business exporting their wares, but the shop itself does not see a lot of customers so the on-hand merchandise doesn't take a lot of room in the display cases. Judging from what is shown locked up under the glass counters, the proprietors mostly trade in pearls and seashells with the odd gem thrown in for color. You also see Ostrako.

1   a shell studded whale bone ring                   Price 25        
2   a luminous mosaic shell ring                      Price 70        
3   a scallop shell Aphrodite cameo ring              Price 125       
4   a wide shell strip bracelet                       Price 30        
5   a seahsell shard bracelet                         Price 20        
6   a puka shell bracelet                             Price 30        
7   a pair of cowry shell earrings                    Price 20        
8   some cascading shell disk earrings                Price 35        
9   a pair of tiny starfish earrings                  Price 45        
10  a pair of gold coin pearl earrings                Price 450       
11  a pure white sand dinar pendant                   Price 65        
12  a bronzed seahorse pendant                        Price 60        
13  a gold mother-of-pearl pendant                    Price 350       
14  a brown strata scallop shell pendant              Price 40        
15  an oyster shell coral claw pendant                Price 45        
16  a seashell strand necklace                        Price 28        
17  a bronze strand shark tooth necklace              Price 55        
18  a red bead nautilus shell necklace                Price 75        
19  a bronzed Elfonisos whelk necklace                Price 55        
20  a seashell shard choker                           Price 30        

21  an apricot lace tortoise shell comb               Price 65        
22  a pink and purple pearl necklace                  Price 3500      
23  a pearl and orange shell necklace                 Price 1500
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