Interiority Complex

[Interiority Complex]
This charming boutique specializes in wall hangings and other decoration, and examples of the owner's handiwork have been placed stylishly upon every wall. Sigma hovers behind the counter, nervously tapping her long fingernails against the wall behind her as she waits for the next customer. You also see Sigma.

#     Price Item
1.      154 a bright yellow ceramic sun
2.      170 a delicate red silk fan
3.      171 a glazed ceramic tragedy mask
4.      170 a red ceramic quarter note
5.      147 a green ceramic frog
6.      151 a black ceramic cobra
7.      138 a small wrought-iron spiral
8.      154 a pale orange ceramic moon
9.      171 a glazed ceramic comedy mask
10.     167 a decorative feather mask
11.     153 a rainbow-hued ceramic fish
12.     137 a sky-blue ceramic lizard
13.     149 a white ceramic dove
14.     154 a silvery ceramic star
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