Iris's Bar and Grill

[Iris's Bar and Grill, Dining Room and Grill]
Tables lines the walls and also encircle a large grill in the center of the room that resonates with the constant hiss of cooking meats. The tables have glass tops with brushed bronze stands and matching chairs, a tasteful vase with a single rose on top of each. More of those waitresses in scandalous priestess outfits flit among the customers, serving drinks and taking down orders without a male server among them. A long fireplace separates this area from the bar to the east and provides heat and light. You also see the tavern keeper, a tavern menu and a serving counter.

     Welcome to Iris's Bar and Grill!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         5    a glass of chilled ice water
      2         8    a glass of white wine
      3         8    a glass of red wine
      4        35    a pecan encrusted pork tenderloin
      5        20    a roast double breast of pecan chicken
      6        32    a walnut and maple apple duck breast
      7        19    a grilled chicken caesar salad
      8        37    a pesto grilled Gamlebyen king salmon
      9        32    a mango chutney spice-rubbed mahi mahi
     10        31    some avocado marinated white seabass
     11        34    a paprika smoked loin of swordfish
     12        29    an herb-rubbed cedar shake salmon
     13        26    a garlic and butter perch almondine
     14        25    a parmesan encrusted whitefish
     15        31    a char grilled maple river salmon
     16        33    some garlic and herb shrimp scampi
     17        50    a fresh Piraeus lobster
     18        12    a flute of cream and strawberries
     19        14    an almond and white chocolate balloon
     20        14    a raspberry and chocolate bombe

Bar Room:
     Welcome to Iris's Bar and Grill!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        18    some bacon wrapped jumbo scallops
      2        14    some chipotle steamed mussels
      3        16    a plate of jumbo lump crabcakes
      4        18    a basket of fresh steamed clams
      5        17    a basket of fried Megas Bay calamari
      6        12    a basket of breaded fried vegetables
      7        16    a macadamia nut wild asparagus stack
      8        18    some pineapple duck leg cracklings
      9         9    a tiny glass of sweet peach nectar
     10        10    a tiny glass of smooth pear nectar
     11         7    a tiny glass of crisp apple nectar
     12         8    a tiny glass of thick apricot nectar
     13         7    a chilled glass of acqua minerale
     14        12    a Parnassus ridge chardonnay
     15        11    a Greenfield's Vineyard pinot grigio
     16        12    a deep aged Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
     17        15    a superiore fontana di trevi
     18         9    a malvasia trebbiano romani
     19        10    an umbria classico secco ruffino
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