Iris' Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Iris' Tent]
Brightly colored silk fabric hangs in deep scallops across the ceiling tent, displaying all the colors of the rainbow. Large baskets of flowers in every color imaginable rest along the walls, sending out the most delicious fragrances. The floor is lined in woven mats dyed in blue, purple, yellow and orange. The tent is an explosion of bright and wondrous color! Suspended from the ceiling is a statue of Iris. In the middle of the tent stands a pedestal with a book on it.

A rainbow-colored chest

  • a rainbow hued tailwrap with tiny dangling fire opals
  • a large bright rainbow patterned shield
  • a vibrant rainbow colored backpack
  • a wooden staff adorned with a large fire opal
  • a bright rainbow colored floppy hat
  • a rainbow hued dress
  • an exquisitely carved fire opal flower

A rainbow table

  • a harpy charm necklace
  • an iridescent silk neck pouch
  • a bouquet of colorful silken flowers
  • a bright rainbow-hued cloak
  • a harpy relic pin, a multi-colored satchel
  • a rolled scroll relic necklace
  • a rainbow swirled copper bandeau
  • a prismatic multi-colored cape
  • some streamered brushed copper legbands

A rainbow counter

  • a bezel-set opal ring
  • a narrow lapis-inlaid circlet
  • a pair of tiny gemstone earrings
  • a pair of opal stud earrings
  • a round topaz bezel ring
  • a twinned amethyst necklace
  • a triple-row grey pearl bracelet
  • a raindrop prism relic bracelet
  • a rainbow streamered iron javelin
  • a pair of iridescent wings
  • a silver feathered wing earring

A sparkling rainbow-painted rack

  • a flowing rainbow caparison
  • a fire opal pinned rainbow turban
  • some fire opal dusted streamers
  • a multicolored patchwork cloak
  • a twisted rainbow scarf belt
  • a gleaming brushed copper armilla
  • some dangling brushed copper kambanes

A rainbow display

  • a rainbow-swirled glass globe
  • a colorful Iris nutcracker
  • a colored glass candle holder
  • an iron herald's staff
  • a stuffed Iris doll
  • an enameled rainbow pendant suspended on a bronze chain
  • a pair of crystal rainbow earrings
  • a white marble Iris statuette
  • a silk gossamer ippokal dyed the varying hues of the rainbow
  • a sky-blue linen shirt laced with a rainbow-striped cotton cord

A wooden horse

  • a rainbow arched leather harness with sparkling silver clasps
  • a sheer rainbow hued chiffon caparison studded with crystal prisms
  • some cascading rainbow tail ribbons hugged by a trio of baby harpies
  • a thick leather girth painted to resemble an arching rainbow
  • an etched silver bridle treated with an oiled rainbow sheen
  • some woven leather reins with each strip dyed a different color
  • an arched leather saddle sparkled and dyed every color of the rainbow

A rainbow trunk

  • a short white flowing chiffon dress
  • a soft white backpack clasped with gold-flecked lapis lazuli
  • a white cedar staff inlaid with chunks of mica
  • a brushed copper eternal rose
  • a half-veil of webbed copper strands scattered with tiny fire opals
  • a thin brushed copper circlet inlaid with flakes of mica
  • a delicate pair of cascading mica earrings

A sparkling rainbow fishtank

  • a red breccia sculpture of a youthful Iris gathering flowers

A sparkling rainbow shelf

  • a short green and purple cocktail dress with a copper toned ribbon at the shoulder
  • a light brown leather belt with a swirling oiled copper buckle
  • a knitted cotton cord belt with rainbow wooden beads
  • a sleek steel dagger set with a large opal
  • a light blue leather chariot jacket
  • a weeping Iris statuette carved of solid granite
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