Iurielle S Floral Arrangements

[Iurielle's Floral Arrangements]
Iron-wrought racks and shelves bearing amphoras brimming with water peek out between displays of fresh-smelling flowers. A wicker basket standing to one side of the oak counter is filled with green clippings.

1   a bouquet of pristine white roses                 Price 78        
2   a bouquet of blood red roses                      Price 78        
3   a bouquet of bright gold roses                    Price 78        
4   a long-stemmed dark red rose                      Price 12        
5   a long-stemmed snow white rose                    Price 12        
6   a long-stemmed sunset orange rose                 Price 12        
7   a delicate pale lavender orchid                   Price 18        
8   a dark blood red orchid                           Price 18        
9   a pale indigo orchid                              Price 18        
10  a crown of thick green ivy                        Price 29        
11  a circlet of fresh mint leaves                    Price 10        

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