January 2001

January 28 - Apparently, Lykosa invaded yesterday along with Mutricus and another lackey. I've heard the other lackey was new, so if anyone knows his/her name, please let us know. All three were promptly killed.

Also, Ares showed up in the bar the other night, and apparently killed quite a few Athenians for insulting him. And finally, the Princess from the well was released from her watery home by Phalo (I believe). The spoiled Princess was named Jinni.

January 17 - Some Athenians claim to have seen a giant thunder lizard heading toward the palace the other day, it was attacked, however, by a giant moth. The moth apparently picked up the lizard, then spiraled to the ground. Shortly after, the gate was attacked by a Spiny Hedgehog named Norman (did I get that right?) who ran around calling "DINSDALE!?" Apparently, the giant thunder lizard was seen the next day as well.

Two of Collin's lackeys, Lykosa and Kurai, showed up for a chat in Sid's bar. The gate was attacked during this time, and several Atheniains killed at the hands of Lykosa and Kurai. Apparently the duo stopped in Athens because a wagon was broken, and had to wait before it was ready before they left. The Athenians did not recieve any hints for what the wagon was for, however. Lykosa and Kurai were, as usual, certain that Collin would conquer Athens soon. After a bit of following the two all around Athens, they left.

January 12 - Apparently, Dustey was around trying to alter for those who had his tickets in the bar. Gabrielle, Xena's Protege, also stopped in to visit. Finally, Joxer's Flamboyant brother, Jace chatted with some Athenians. I'm told he danced a bit as well, and was very…entertaining. Dionysus has also made several appearances lately, and apparently there is some area that none of us have found that Bacchus is in, or something to that extent.

January 7 - Sypresse showed up in the Estate to alter the other day for the first ten to find her. She altered wooden carvings. Apparently there is also a 'princess' stuck in our famous Peiraic Gate Well. The story is that Autolycus did something (though no one can figure out what), and that something made her so upset that she got drunk, and then proceeded to fall into the well.(Okay. She's drunk…and she's in our well. If only Fedmire was a king I'd think she was related…) She apparently has been in that well Since New Year's Eve. If anyone knows anything else about the mystery princess, let us know.

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