The smell of cedarwood incense fill the room. Flickering candles of varying sizes are placed on shelves and tables, giving the room a very eerie glow. Jewels stands like a mannequin behind a stone counter silently watching her visitors.

1   an elegant black sapphire ring                    Price 1865      
2   a red moonstone ring                              Price 55        
3   a large fire opal band                            Price 215       
4   a ruby inlaid ring                                Price 2400      
5   a silver halfmoon pendant                         Price 150       
6   a jeweled star pendant                            Price 50        
7   a triangular black sapphire pendant               Price 1850      
8   a square ruby pendant                             Price 2400      
9   a crystal dagger pendant                          Price 25        
10  a flaming fire opal pendant                       Price 200       

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