Joining The Trust

Secret Handshake

Once you get to the shrine in the SW Quad, you must be in Persephone's area of the shrine:

[Temple of Persephone]
The scent of flowers lingers strongly in the air from the offerings on the altar. Two pillars rise to either side of the altar, one depicting scenes from the underworld, the other depicting scenes from a glorious garden. A faint note of melancholy pervades the atmosphere, strangely edged with a feeling of triumph.
Obvious exits: north, east, out.

Hint: Notice the two pillars? One Dark and one Light. Imagine that.


  1. Face the Dark: TOUCH DARK PILLAR
  2. Face the Light: TOUCH LIGHT PILLAR
  3. Show your faith: KNEEL ALTAR then TOUCH ALTAR

And there you have it. Welcome to the Trust.

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