July 1999

July 31 - Another great fishing tourney tonight, here were our winners 1st place got personalized bamboo poles, 2nd got personalized creels, and 3rd got personalized tackle boxes all done by Bertrum himself, and best story got a jumping fish pin:

Best Fish Tale: Tusk Amateur Anglers
1st: Pamico
2nd: Silven
3rd: Rosemarrie Anglers
1st: Dordie
2nd: Gabit
3rd: Attucus Master Anglers
1st: Llorien

Lubricus was heard to be around this morning so Dearcy, Pamico, and Goldenmane and Vorok, Pickoer, and Llorien flew up to Varkiza castle and knocked on the door. They yelled back and forth through the door, and he made it obvious he didn't want them bothering him by sending an elite guardsmen to take care of them. More guards showed up, then more Athenians, the whole time Lubricus hid behind the door yelling insults. After the fighting was over Lubricus finally showerd himself, folks traded more insults, he shot Dearcy with an arrow, then slammed the door in their faces. Thanks for the update Dearcy, Vaftel, and Llorien.

July 30 - A bunch of tired legionaries, green recruits, stern-faced centurions, and raiders showed up attacking the gate tonight. After a few waves of them Harukia made his appearance and his typical early death. Collin showed up after all this to let us know he attacked because he was "bored". Norticles was also here during part of this holding court. Thanks for the news Vaftel and Dearcy.

July 29 - Lubricus was spotted in Athens this afternoon and of course everyone ran to his castle where they were attacked by the usual assortment of guards and the like. When Lubricus came out he was ambushed, but quickly made short work of all the agressors saying that he just wants them to leave him alone and quit hanging around his castle. He also claims he doesn't want Athens, he just wants our women as compensation for the trouble we cause him. Thanks Leanna.

Seems a bunch more undead mean things decided to attack early this morning. Death warriors and death knights with really big greatswords attacked the areas around Thebes and down toward legionaries. Thanks for the news Vaftel.

July 28 - Fedmire was back early this morning finishing up alterations. Almost as soon as he was done, Discord popped out of the blue and started zapping folks. The graveyard was also swarmed with spiders, plague fiends, skeletal warriors, and a few other undead who's names escape me.

July 27 - Skeletal warriors and plague fiends ravaged Athens today. During the battle we went to check Thebes on a whim, plague fiends and all… kinda just put two and two together. Around the north section of town we stumbled across a path leading to some battlefield in which can be found the skeletal warriors and plague fiends. These guys are good brawlers and you'll find yourself on the ground in a second with an arm bar so be careful. I have posted the map on my Odhos Boeotia Map, check the map section.

Fedmire showed up this morning after the weapon damage forum was over. He made an announcement that his tent was set up and folks ran around searching for him again. He had ten openings on his list which all soon filled when his tent was spotted just past his old flea market. HAlfway during the alterations though he passed out drunk and Sage had to come close up shop for him.

July 26 - Lubricus showed up this afternoon in Athens, supposedly saying he was training a new bodyguard. Soon after he disappeared the Peiraic and Halade gates were attacked with wave after wave of guardsmen, gurdsmen leaders, elite guardsmen, conscripts, and forward scouts. Seems Lubricus was also in the Hall of Audience in the Palace this morning holding a list of slaves and looking for an authority figure. When none showed he told everyone they were doomed and popped back into his castle. Thanks for the news Vaftel.

Waldern popped in and told us a bit about the new weapon damage system as promised and set up an official forum on it for tonight (Monday the 26th) at 11 PM EST. Early this morning there were also odd things happening at the bar and well… thumping coming from objects and ammunition appearing on the ground. There was also someone or something running around invisible and touching women. And thank you to Vaftel for letting me know that Sisoclyes also showed up and did 5 alterations, she says she'll be back in the next week or so.

July 24 - A forward scout came tonight and was running all over town before finally stopping at the Halade Gate. He said he had something to tell us about Lubricus attacking, as soon as he looked ready to tell us we heard Lubricus yell, "Now!" and we were ambushed. From then on it was wave after wave of forward scouts, guardsmen, guardsmen leaders, and elite guardsmen… all under Lubricus' command the entire time. Seems there was also a bodyguard at some point too that Lubricus sent out to kill the "quaff boys" and the "freak giant", and spies attacked on the 22nd but tonight was the first I heard about it.

July 20 - Fedmire showed up early this morning after cutting his surfing vacation short when he heard that Sasebo was in trouble. He checked all her usual stomping grounds but there seems to be no sign of her around anywhere. After telling folks there had to be some way to lure her out of hiding, he started discussing an idea for a new product. Seems the women where he was surfing wore nothing but a few small pieces of cloth to cover themselves, but he can't think of a name for it so he needs to ponder that before he puts them on the market. Finally after falling asleep, the bluebird came and carried him away. Thanks for the news Vaftel.

July 19 - Wanderstar and Mathuna showed up tonight for an impromptu alchemist meeting. Basically they told us they couldn't tell us anything, but they asked for our feedback and suggestions and noted them, so it's good to see folks listening at least. Before leaving they said not to worry, they'd be doing more of these meetings in the future. As soon as they left Norticles showed up and opened up court once again. Seems he was in a pun mood, as he kept making some pretty good (or bad as the case may be) ones about bears and cats and the like before he finally tired of schmoozing with the commoners and left. The premium merchant from this month's event has also opened up just outside of the Estate.

Early this morning a buncha of baby black spider showed up at the gate. When they were all fought off then some massive black spiders attacked. As if this weren't enough, some black widows skittered in after them and also attacked everybody. Then a bully waltzed in, began to advance on Vaftel, and I guess thought better of it cuz he ran off. During all of this there were a few random lightning strikes to keep people on their toes. Rumor is that someone saw Sasebo running around, but nobody could find her. Thanks for the update Vaftel.

July 17 - Waldern showed up to his flogging tonight, dressed in torn leathers and shackles and manaceles and the whole bit… shaggy beard, rings under the eyes… Before everyone got their stones thrown in though I took my place on the soap box… err, barrel, and made what must have been a moving speech in his defense. As soon as I was done people strode forward and siad to flog them, because if what he did was wrong then they are Waldern too, pretty much in the vain of Spartacus… or Hercules on Trial, hehe. At any rate, Waldern got out of there with a flogging, Bonk was very much looking forward to a clogging though and was kind of disappointed. He says he is very positive that he can get it out within the week and that he will hold a forum to answer questions about it and let us know how it works at that time.

Lubricus and Discord were caught today in her temple schmoozing with Discord. Seems they're an item now, he called her "Lovey" or some such, and of course she made him stronger. After some insults and attacks, Lubricus killed Pickoer which was handy since he seems to like Llorien and it gave him a chance to hit on her without Pickoer in the way. They both left the temple and Lubricus showed up at the gate again. He kept asking to see the man in charge of Athens and the slavemaster so he could collect what was owed him… women (or cattle as he refers to them). After killing some folks for attacking him and insulting some folks and taking quite a few insults back, he decided to leave because he was tired of talking to us "dopes". Discord was apparently off somewhere causing trouble with basalt guards and zapping folks while this was going on also, and Vaftel reported a talking Viking.

July 15 - Lubricus showed up in the bar today with a little black book, eyeing up all the women and making some notes before leaving. He did this one other time, making some changes apparently, before he was heard yelling that he'd be back to collect on his shopping list later. Thanks for the additional info Leanna.

Seems Discord crashed the roleplaying seminar last night and killed a few folks, that's about all I know about that. Norticles showed up this morning and held court at the gate. Several silly things were discussed as usual before he scampered off… prolly tired of all the job inquiries. Soon after this Sabbie, the girl with the poison playball of doom, showed up at the gate for a little chat, after several folks poisoned themselves on her ball. A few interesting things brought up were that her father's name is Gastrus, he ate her mother, she hopes Discord will be her new mother and she seems to be tutoring her by playing games of hide and seek , her father is destroying Fedmire and Sasebo's village Woodhaven, and she saw Discord chasing a swan the other day. She left and lots of red bears and a grizzly bear and black bears attacked us at the gate and inside the bar.

July 13 - Some roguish type guy named Defalcatus showed up at the Sapphire Estate this afternoon selling some nifty copies of Stormy the cat's claws. While I don't think they're good for skinning bears or dicing sewer rats, they seem to be pretty good at picking locks on boxes. After he sold them to the folks that wanted and could afford them, he played a game of hide and seek with everyone to allow them a chance to buy a second. These claws were made out of silver and therefor a tad bit costly, 140 dinars a piece. Thanks for the news Pickoer.

July 11 - Ares also made an announcement tonight, saying that critters will now struggle from holds and attack summond creatures… I guess this includes mules so be careful! There was also an invasion by Harukia with a bunch of alley cats, roof rats, dire wolves, brawlers, and seasoned soldiers. He of course, once again, died… making up for survivng his last bout with us. Thanks for the update Dhunter, Jenus, and Garrock.

A few odd things were happening in the bar early this morning, like chickory roots whimpering as they were being brought out to be crushed for elixirs and such. Later who should show up, but that insane King of Athens Norticles himself. He hopped up onto a bar stool and claimed that court was open. After such wise desicions as filling the potholes in the roads with geraniums and declaring that everyone should have a mermel pelt coat, he declared court convened for the night and left. Sid got involved during all of this also, doing his best to discipline a few of the ne'er-do-wells in his bar by tossing em out on their ear.

Those horns were heard again, and that golden-antlered stag was spotted again too, and again more whelps and hounds and the like attacked. A bit later a red ball with a brownish tint rolled through the gate. When folks tried to take it, they found out that the brownish tint was from hemlock poison and proceded to die. Soon a pretty little girl came through the gate to claim it and started playing with it, even throwing it at folks and stunning them. She wouldn't tell anyone her name, but she said her father was a warlord that lived in some castle and that she was friends with Discord. But it seems she lives in the wilds, and she's not too happy with us Athenians killing her friends… she even told Vaftel that bears would eat him for taking tigers' whiskers.

She says she refuses to live in the castle because her dad has mean friends that are always there and he keeps her mom locked up. People of course assumed Collin and asked her several times if it was him, but when Vaftel brought up Lubricus she went silent. Suddenly the voice of someone named Melindic called for "Sabbie" and she dropped the ball and dashed out of the gate… the ball followed on its own accord soon after. Then the bears she promised would kill Vaftel attacked, they killed quite a few folks but were taken out finally. On a side note, later Tkeeri was reciting a poem and Discord poofed down to mock it, nothing else beyond this. Thanks for the update Vaftel!

Seems after this mess, someone named Herne (english for The Hunter) popped into the bar tonight and left immediately. Then a gruff voice started telling folks not to believe anything Treyton was saying about hearing some voice by the sphinx. So of course a group of folks went to the sphinx and were attacked again by those hounds, afterwhich they heard Cernunnos (the Celtic name for Herne) saying he only wanted to kill Treyton for lieing. After this a horned man was seen jumping on a horse and riding away. Much later that day Cernunnos had a chat with folks by the old hermit's house and a hound came in to kill Treyton. Guess this means it's time for a Celtic Dieity Guide too . Thanks Heartsong and Leanna.

July 10 - Congrats to our newest couple, Lllorien and Pickoer! They exchanged vows today on the Ship of Dreams just off the shore of Eleusis. Wonderful ceremony, wonderful food, wonderful couple… and of course wonderful me was there too!

July 5 - Harukia came again and died again early this morning. He attacked Vaftel and Bonk again, but this time half of Athens ran to help, just to turn around when he got killed in a few seconds. Giant short-face bears attacked after he fell. When we arrived back in town we were barraged with wave after wave of brigands, marauders, warriors, and brawlers all with sleep poison on their weapons. Discord also showed up sometime during all this mess to make a comment on all the deaths, she must be enjoying herself.

Discord also arrived again later this morning after a cute baby mouse showed up and started biting and poisoning people, it was apparently Discord's mouse. She sent the tiny mouse off and called a giant mouse which folks managed to kill just as Swan showed up. Discord, saying that she recognized Swan and that she thinks Swan is more than she appears, grabbed her and ran off. The whole time Swan was trying to escape and finally did. Using the thought net they found out that Swan was running back to her village because she had no idea what Discord wanted with her and she wanted nothing to do with it. She also mentioned her village was cursed, but said she could bring back people to help us with what's going on in Athens. Thanks Vaftel.

Harukia again this afternoon, I'm sorry to say we didn't have anyone who could hit him so he made it out alive, maybe Collin will give him a raise so we get better stuff next time he dies! He stopped a bit to chat with me, saying he was here for the entertainment… quite a nice man until he said he had to get back to work and nearly cut me down in one swipe. After seeing that we weren't much of a challenge he muttered something about wanting a good warrior when he needed one and sent sturdy fighters, brigands and a marauder after us. He also mentioned that Collin would be attacking us soon… I just hope he doesn't do it this time of day again.

July 4 - There were sightings this evening of a golden-antlered white stag, and hunting horns were heard all over the place. Nothing has come of this yet, but there was an attack on the gate by red-eared white pups, whelps, and hounds. Thanks for the update Vaftel.

July 3 - Harukia attacked again tonight. Harukia died again tonight too. Can this man ever pull off a successful invasion? Seems he attacked Heemor, Garrock, Vaftel, and Bonk down near Anavyssos with a troup of rough and tumble soldiers and did what he did best, got himself sent to the underworld. They also encountered a white tiger and the normal tigers were acting oddly apparently. Thanks for the info Vaftel.

July 1 - Sems some guy named Lubricus was seen outside Piraeus tonight witha young girl named Summur who he said was her slave, she wearing a pair of broken manacles and an iron collar and crawling around because her leg was broken. Lubricus was smacking her around and dragging her all over the place while folks chased after her, finally Vaftel just decided to kill him, not before Lubricus could kill a few of us though. After he was killed, and Discord showed up during this time at some point (you know how she likes violence), they put a splint on Summur's leg and went to a tavern in Piraeus. There she told people that the collar she was wearing could only be removed by a god and that it was used to track her, and apprently Discord gave it to Lubricus. She also told them that Lubricus is a warlord from Varkiza Castle and that he would be back and probably not be so easily beaten next time. Thanks Dhunter, Llorien, and Vaftel.

And in case you haven't noticed yet we have some new combat messaging. This is NOT the new combat system, just some nifty new messaging to spice up combat a little. The wooden coin situation has also been remedied a bit. Now you should only get wooden coins from hunting critters under 10 that you are 8 levels older than. These coins mean, "hey you, go hunt something your own size instead of picking on little critters for their milk money" basically.

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