July 2001

July 24 - Well, the mentor faire seemed to be appreciated by all who went. The highlight of the weekend appeared to be the dunk tank on Sunday Afternoon. Heroes, dieties, and enemies alike all showed up to be dunked. Hercules, Gabrielle, Dionysus, Falafel, Discord, Poseidon, Murdock, and even Kyriostau was tricked into participating. Xena also made an appearance to dunk her beloved sidekick.

On Friday, the aristocrat Saphron was murdered during her performance at the talent show, and by Sunday it was revealed that the murderer was Dottie, a crazy aunt. She was discovered through the detective work of Constable Nuallan, his assistant Bumblonicus, the evidence presented by the juris consult Weinstein, and even more evidence discovered by the Athenians. Ezmerelda apparently also came to alter this weekend.

July 15 - Dissonos has been around alot recently, talking about his party and his continued quest of making Athens greater. Nisha also made an appearance in the last couple weeks. Collin apparently proved he was still alive by showing up at the gate for a little bit. Autolycus was around the lands tonight, but I don't know if he put in an appearance with anyone. Werm was also around last night causing trouble. There is also a new area out near Thebes.It includes several hunting areas and an a town that houses an insane asylum.

The tryouts for the Mentor Faire went well, and those who performed did wonderfully. Three aristocrats also apparently came to watch the 'peasants' perform. Saphron, Varian and Koketta cheered and booed those who were competing. Though Varian is engaged to Saphron, he and Koketta seemed to be getting awfully cozy after Saphron left. I'd keep an eye on these three. Saphron promises to return for the faire.

July 12 - Thanks to Hawkeye for the following. Was in the arena the other day, Monday had to be, when Daerio was there trying to kill everyone. And guess who show's up - Timalcus. Seems he's turned a new leaf, he's a changed man. Righting wrongs and doing good things now. Wonder if Discord hit him too hard in the head or something?

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