June 2001

June 30 - Collin showed up last night, interrupting Aphrodite at the Peiraic Gate. Aphrodite insisted Collin leave, and he agreed but with the promise he'd be back. King Norticles showed up soon after, telling stories and just being general good company. Dissonos also made an appearance, talking about how well his plan is going and about a party he plans on throwing for the Athenians before he took his abrupt leave.

June 22 - Well, Last night's God and Goddess Date Auction went well. And the lucky winners and prices were (Lowest to highest bid price):

Pan - Shanaira for 2,000
Apollo - Lamira for 6,000
Hades - Kyair for 11,000
Hephaestus - LLorien for 11,000
Dionysus - Anika for 11,600
Poseidon - Heemor for 14,000
Aphrodite - Aviran for 20,000
Discord (sold Twice)- Acrest for 6,000 and Kirafern for 17,000 for a combined price of 23,000
Ares - Goldenmane for 30,000.

I guess the auction shows that the 'evil' gods truly are the favorites.

Camius has been seen around Athens as of late, looking for the Pearl of Aphrodite. He believes a woman named Milani has it. Camius wishes to give the pearl to Poseidon in order to become the strongest pirate in the known world. He is very powerful and is not one to trifle with, so keep an eye out for him.

A warning for those who like to kill vikings: I have it on reliable source (namely, me.) That Odin IS watching and he's not too happy with Athenians who kill his people. Vikings are people too!

June 3 - The long awaited and promised improved engagement system has been released. With this you will now find that you have a front, right, left and back position around you and your opponant. You may use ADVANCE RIGHT, ADVANCE LEFT or ADVANCE REAR to advane on your target. You can also EVALUATE your combat situation. And finally while fighting, you may keep SWINGing to hit a valid target you are fighting. Or you may chose to SWING RIGHT, SWING LEFT, or SWING BACK to hit a target positioned around you. You may also TURN RIGHT or TURN LEFT to change your facing.

June 1 - Because of Simucon, there isn't much to report, but here's what I have… if I've missed something please let me know. A mule began talking to us the other day, in pig latin and with an accent. He proceeded to spout forth philosophy worthy of Aristotle before he left. He was later seen walking by with quite a few followers.

Dissonos has apparently shown himself again, spouting more hot hair about taking charge of Athens. He was challenged, but in the end he just left. A prancing cow was also seen around the gate tonight, hopping around in circles and latching on to people.

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