Kaddora Fishes

[Kaddora Fishes]
With an obvious nautical theme, this large restaurant actually hangs off the pier to give its patrons one of the most exquisite views of the Mediterranean this side of the lighthouse. The requisite fish netting hangs from the roof with ships' wheels and stuffed crustaceans frolicking among them, and each table is actually built from the wood of old ships, giving them a weathered by the sea look. The building even rocks a little from the crashing waves below, further enhancing the sea-going ambience. You also see a waiter, a tavern menu and a serving counter.

     Welcome to Kaddora Fishes!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        18    a basket of crispy fried calamari
      2        22    a plate of rock salt roast prawns
      3        18    a basket of steamed clams
      4        25    a fancy tiger shrimp cocktail
      5        10    a leafy Kaddora house salad
      6        13    a blue cheese lettuce wedge salad
      7        10    some hearty mussel sausage chowder
      8        19    a plank of beer battered flounder
      9        35    some lemon grilled king salmon
     10         7    a glass of fresh spring water
     11        14    a glass of tart cranberry juice
     12        12    a glass of thick tomato juice
     13        19    a glass of Kaddora house wine
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