Kalokairi's Medicinals

[Kalokairi's Medicinals]
Racks of herbs and plants lean against the oak plank walls of the small room, as though pushing outward for more space. Green growing things fill every available surface, including occasional knotholes in the walls. Dirt has spilled out of pots and planters to cover the floor in a layer of soft brown. The air is filled with the deep smell of rich earth.

1   a plain herb bag                                  Price 13        
2   a handful of thick parsley                        Price 5         
3   a bundle of dried sage                            Price 11        
4   a bundle of dried oregano                         Price 7         
5   a slender sprig of rosemary                       Price 4         
6   a large sprig of thyme                            Price 4         
7   a stem of yellow dill                             Price 3         
8   a stem of crisp licorice                          Price 6         
9   some plump red raspberries                        Price 6         
10  a fresh chamomile stalk                           Price 2         
11  a dark hellebore rhizome                          Price 15        
12  a handful of fresh mint                           Price 5         
13  a sprig of strong peppermint                      Price 5         
14  some light grey fennel seeds                      Price 3         
15  some yellow mustard seeds                         Price 2         
16  a yellow evening primrose                         Price 8         
17  a large green bay leaf                            Price 2         
18  a spine of prickly aloe                           Price 6         

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