Kestes' Arms and Armor

[Kestes' Arms and Armor]
Shelves and racks, barrels and boxes and tables all boast a generous collection of the smith Kestes' finest wares. Among these — and most especially among the curious visitors come to see them — Kestes' eldest daughter Xysta flits like a veritable sprite. She answers questions and haggles ruthlessly with the same warm smile and gleam of craft in her eyes.

1   an iron sickle knife                              Price 270       
2   an iron scythe                                    Price 720       
3   an iron morning star                              Price 630       
4   some engraved iron vambraces                      Price 750       
5   a wheat-etched iron broadsword                    Price 675       
6   an iron throwing axe                              Price 525       
7   a grain-etched iron breastplate                   Price 1875      
8   an iron kopis                                     Price 750       
9   an iron battle-axe                                Price 750       
10  an etched iron great helm                         Price 1500      
11  an iron short sword                               Price 525       
12  an iron ringmail hauberk                          Price 2340      
13  an iron flail                                     Price 1005      

14  a steel greatsword                                Price 16500     
15  a steel scythe                                    Price 14400     
16  a grain-etched steel breastplate                  Price 37500     
17  a steel chain coif                                Price 15300
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