Kigstar's Retreat Tavern

[Sanctuary, Kigstar's Retreat Tavern]
The quiet din of conversation hovers in the air with the smoke from burning torches. Fresh sawdust covers the smooth stone floor amoung the crude wooden tables and chairs. You also see Kigstar, a crude wooden counter and a tavern menu.

     Welcome to Kigstar's Retreat Tavern!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         5    a mug of Kigstar's Home Brew
      2        10    a glass of Inila's Aged Wine
      3         1    a shot of Bloody Glark's Whiskey
      4         5    a mug of Rat's Tail Beer
      5        15    a canister of swirling green liquor
      6         2    a slice of hard bread
      7         4    a piece of salted fish
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