Kjetil Stor-Slegga's Weapons and Armor

[Kjetil Stor-Slegga's Weapons and Armor]
A burly viking mans an oaken desk, wild black beard covering most of his face. Behind him, on the rough-hewn walls, hang weapons and armor — the glinting display seeming a bit strange and ominous in the dark room.

1   a horned iron helm                                Price 8000      
2   an iron ringmail hauberk                          Price 12688     
3   an iron-tipped spear                              Price 1600      
4   an iron handaxe                                   Price 2800      
5   an iron battle axe                                Price 4000     

6   a steel handaxe                                   Price 10500     
7   an iron greatsword                                Price 4400      
8   an iron breastplate                               Price 10000
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