High walls reach upward to support a raised ceiling, every inch of space covered with a mounted trinket or souvenir. The wooden planks forming the shop are worn, but kept carefully sanded and polished to meet the delicate tastes of many of Paddywack's patrons. A few such patrons gather in one corner, cooing over the beauty of one of the displays. You also see a greying old dog who is lying down and Paddywack.

1   a small coral-handled spade                       Price 5         
2   a coral-handled wooden pail                       Price 6         
3   a soft leather seashell pouch                     Price 4         
4   a pair of tiny seashell earrings                  Price 21        
5   a polished seashell charm bracelet                Price 20        
6   a buffed seashell-buckle belt                     Price 8         
7   a polished oyster shell brush                     Price 5         
8   a wooden shell-studded comb                       Price 6         
9   a polished oyster shell mirror                    Price 8         

10  a carved polished coral spade                     Price 7         
11  an engraved polished coral pail                   Price 8         
12  a pair of mother-of-pearl earrings                Price 34        
13  a silver-linked mother-of-pearl bracelet          Price 36        
14  a silver beaded etched seashell necklace          Price 40        
15  an engraved mother-of-pearl brush                 Price 10        
16  a carved mother-of-pearl comb                     Price 12        
17  an engraved mother-of-pearl mirror                Price 16        
18  a embroidered suede seashell pouch                Price 8
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