[Koroneia, Kyros Court]
A massive two-story building dominates the scene, dwarfing the other structures in the area, even though they are incredibly large by human standards. Shouting, rumbling and other earthshaking sounds erupt from the building's windows and door at an almost continous pace. The party evidently going on inside rocks the sturdy building to and fro, making its simple sign shake as if in a breeze.

Koroneia is a small giant village sitting in the middle of the road from Thebes to Delphi. The giants, not always known for their quick thinking, probably sat in this spot so long trying to decide which way to go that they ended up settling there. With a few shops and giant chairs for us humans to play in, it can be a fun place to visit. It also makes the trip to Delphi a bit more interesting, having to weave through their unplanned roads to continue to journey.

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