Koukla and Kolie's Doll Shop, Custom Tailoring And Wigs

[Koukla and Kolie's Doll Shop, Custom Tailoring and Wigs]
The bottom floor of this small two-story house has been set up as a shop for selling dolls and accessories to the locals, but the quality of their craft has attracted customers from all around Greece. Bolts of cloth lie neatly arranged on a counter at the back of the front room with work stations scattered neatly around the center for use at each step of the doll clothes tailoring process. A small sign on a wrought-iron stand just to the left of the door proclaims the shop's services. You also see Koukla.

1   a female human doll                              Price 75
2   a male human doll                                Price 75
3   a female centaur doll                            Price 75
4   a male centaur doll                              Price 75
5   a female giant doll                              Price 75
6   a male giant doll                                Price 75
7   a chin-length wig                                Price 25
8   a waist-length wig                               Price 25
9   a cropped wig                                    Price 25
10  a short wig                                      Price 25
11  a very short wig                                 Price 25
12  a long wig                                       Price 25
13  a very long wig                                  Price 25

All wigs may be customized with a color and material.

Koukla and Kolie have a backroom where limited edition dolls may be purchased for a limited time. These dolls are often sold with some sort of accessory available and are changed out every so often.

You may additionally speak with Koukla about her dolls and she will tell you how to go about customizing some of your very own clothes to dress your doll up in. Kolie will do the same for Premium members who wish to purchase customized jewelry.

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