Koukla and Kolie's Doll Shop, Jewelry and Accessories

[Koukla and Kolie's Doll Shop, Jewelry and Accessories]
This room is set off from the front by a large series of arches, making them both open to each other while offering a defenite deliniation between the two. The work stations in this room are smaller with tiny tools and magnifying lenses set up for crafting the tiniest of objects. Small bins shining with a multitude of colored glass take up the bulk of one counter with several bundles of metal wire in various tones from pewter to gold. A sign off to the side of a small door lists the shop's services. You also see Kolie.

1   a miniature silver longsword                    Price 15
2   a miniature serrated dagger                     Price 15
3   a miniature spiked stone club                   Price 15
4   a miniature mining pick                         Price 15
5   a miniature steel-tipped spear                  Price 15
6   a tiny iron greatsword                          Price 15
7   a miniature seaweed-strewn trident              Price 15
8   a miniature silver scrying bowl                 Price 15
9   a miniature oak crossbow                        Price 15
10  a tiny bronze hoplon                            Price 15
11  a miniature wooden shield                       Price 15
12  a small oak quarter staff                       Price 15
13  a tiny silver hair brush                        Price 15
14  a miniature silver filigree mirror              Price 15
15  a tiny mug of amber ale                         Price 15
16  a miniature flask of whiskey                    Price 15
17  a tiny glass of chilled white wine              Price 15
18  a tiny glass of sparkling champagne             Price 15
19  a tiny glass of dark red wine                   Price 15
20  a miniature bouquet of flowers                  Price 15
21  a tiny scrap of aged yellow parchment           Price 15
22  a miniature owl feather quill                   Price 15
23  a tiny rolled yellow scroll                     Price 15
24  a tiny single yellow rose                       Price 15
25  a tiny single long-stem red rose                Price 15
26  a miniature liquid-filled vial                  Price 15
27  a miniature silver dragon warstaff              Price 15
28  a tiny stone mortar and pestle                  Price 15
29  a miniature priest symbol                       Price 15
30  a miniature priest relic                        Price 15
31  a miniature  lockpick                           Price 15
32  a tiny vial of poison                           Price 15
33  a tiny stuffed brown bear                       Price 15
34  a miniature oak-carved lyre                     Price 15
35  a tiny mahogany lute                            Price 15
36  a miniature silver-chased flute                 Price 15
37  a miniature bronze tambourine                   Price 15
38  a tiny reed pipe syrinx                         Price 15
39  a miniature yew wood bow                        Price 15
40  a tiny porcelain doll                           Price 15
41  a tiny string of pelts                          Price 15
42  a handful of miniature herbs                    Price 15
43  a tiny bronze lantern                           Price 15
44  a miniature grappling hook                      Price 15
45  a tiny coil of rope                             Price 15
46  a miniature leather bound book                  Price 15
47  a tiny deck of hand painted cards               Price 15
48  a small green bottle                            Price 15
49  a tiny flour dusted rolling pin                 Price 15
50  a tiny vial of scented oil                      Price 15

51  a miniature black leather whip                  Price 14
52  a miniature red paper heart                     Price 14
53  a tiny set of bamboo chopsticks                 Price 14
54  a miniature fortune cookie                      Price 14
55  a miniature gold lightning rod                  Price 14
56  a miniature wedding bouquet                     Price 14
57  a miniature mentor pamphlet                     Price 14

Koukla and Kolie have a backroom where limited edition dolls may be purchased for a limited time. These dolls are often sold with some sort of accessory available and are changed out every so often.

You may additionally speak with Koukla about her dolls and she will tell you how to go about customizing some of your very own clothes to dress your doll up in. Kolie will do the same for Premium members who wish to purchase customized jewelry.

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