How to Label Spoilers

The [[collapsible]] tag lets you place a block of text that can be shown or hidden with one click. This is especially useful for hiding spoilers or making a page cleaner by hiding away information until the reader wants to see it. Use the following syntax:

[[collapsible show="+ Show whatever" hide="- Hide whatever"]]
Whatever text to show/hide.

Put the [[collapsible]] and [[/collapsible]] tags on their own lines or the parser will not recognize them.

By default, the show link says "+ show block" and the hide link says "- hide block". For longer blocks, add the hideLocation="both" option to show the hide link at the bottom as well as the top of the block when it's shown. Other values for the hideLocation option are "top" (the default) and "bottom".

Finally, you can use the folded="no" option to show blocks by default, allowing the user to hide them if wanted.

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