Leipsana's Pawnshop

[Cavern Village, Pawnshop]
The walls of this shop have been carved with niches like many of the other walls in the village except that these are much larger and have been used to store items sold and bought by the pawnbroker. The room is incredibly clean despite the business of trading junk, with a few oak counters here and there to hold smaller items that would get lost in the wall spaces. A few lanterns make use of the real estate on the ceiling to provide an ample amount of light. You also see Leipsana the Broker, an oak counter with some stuff on it and the wall with some stuff on it.

1   a sturdy oak stool seat                          Price 58      
2   a heavy stone maize hammer                       Price 62       
3   a sturdy oak barrel lid                          Price 116        
4   a small stone logging axe                        Price 55       
5   a small silver skinning knife                    Price 200        
6   a small iron stove rake                          Price 525       
7   a large oval pewter plate                        Price 93      
8   a heavy wrought-iron candlestick                 Price 210      
9   a tightly woven basket lid                       Price 75       
10  a small wooden wool card                         Price 35      
11  a small iron flax hackle                         Price 400      
12  a heavy iron plow blade                          Price 825       
13  a long oak hay fork                              Price 55       
14  a heavy maple handled hoe                        Price 40       
15  a heavy maple wheat flail                        Price 65
16  a solid oak wagon wheel                          Price 58       
17  a sharpened oak and iron sickle                  Price 75
18  a wide oak board                                 Price 58       
19  a heavy steel warming pan                        Price 8900        
20  a flat beaten iron basin                         Price 1050      
21  a sturdy oak broom handle                        Price 30     
22  a small iron shoeing hammer                      Price 230       
23  an oak handled beaten iron scythe                Price 750       
24  a sturdy rustic oak rake                         Price 55       
25  a flat reinforced wood shovel                    Price 80    

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