Lenore is the most ancient Vrykolakas revealed so far, and has the appearance of just a young girl. This seems to be a matter of bitterness for her, though not even the other Vrykolakas know how or when she was turned. She is known for carrying a doll with her at all times, her favorite being one named Elizabeth. She will often inform others what her doll is thinking, and there seems to be a very creepy sort of feel that things are not quite what they seem. Basilikos has commented on Lenore's dolls enacting out murders and executions in his study, and Lenore herself has commented on her 'doll house', that it seems no mortal ever leaves once they enter.

She seems to have gotten an entire wing of the castle to herself from Basilikos, perhaps an attempt to appease her and her dangerous temper. She is the only one of the Vrykolakas not to have taken blood from the Athenians… at least, not without killing them when she does. Despite being older, she seems to respect many of Basilikos's requests. Her animal form is a raven, commented on by Vinnee and Basilikos before but only lately seen by the Athenians. Basilikos has indicated this gives her a keen edge when surveillance is needed.

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