Liandor's Weavers' Shop

[Liandor's Weavers' Shop]
Candles set in unassuming wooden sconces light the display room of this unassuming shop. Samples of Liandor's woven wares for men hang tidily from their display hooks, looking tasteful, though not overly fashionable. Appearing as fastidious and moderate as the shop he keeps, Liandor quietly assists his customers from behind a low wooden counter.

1   a tunic                                          Price 4         
2   a chiton                                         Price 5         
3   a vest                                           Price 4         
4   some pants                                       Price 5         
5   some trousers                                    Price 6         
6   some socks                                       Price 1         
7   a belt                                           Price 1         
8   a himation                                       Price 22

All items in this shop may be customized with a color and a material.
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