Liv's Unlimited

[Liv's Unlimited]
Tightly closed wooden windows block out the outside air from this tiny shop. A slender slip of a girl leans on a makeshift wooden counter, watching her wares with a sparkle in her deep sapphire eyes. Liv's wares are bundled on a pair of wooden dummies, barely visible under all the clothing.

1   a fur-trimmed cap                                 Price 8         
2   a fur-lined cape                                  Price 35        
3   a fur-lined cloak                                 Price 35        
4   some fur-trimmed boots                            Price 12        
5   some sturdy boots                                 Price 7         
6   a fringed hood                                    Price 7         
7   a fringed skirt                                   Price 8         
8   a pair of fringed pants                           Price 11        
9   a fringed shirt                                   Price 7         
10  some thick wool mittens                           Price 3         


Nearly all items may be customized with a material.
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