Longrik's Leather Armor

[Longrik's Leather Armor]
The smell of oiled leather permeates the air, a scent both rich and heavy, redolent of the smell of battle under the oppresive heat of a noonday sun. Supple suits of armor reside on shelves protected by metal bars. Longrik's armor is apparently in high demand, by both customers and thieves.

1   a leather breastplate                             Price 70
2   a pair of leather gauntlets                       Price 45
3   a leather helm                                    Price 45
4   some leather leg greaves                          Price 35
5   a leather tunic                                   Price 50
6   some studded leather                              Price 115
7   some leather arm greaves                          Price 30


Most items in this merchant may be customized by a color.
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