Loustos and Ilio's Paralia Paraphernalia

[Loustos and Ilio's Paralia Paraphernalia]
Slashes of vibrant color festoon the walls of this tiny, yet brightly lit and festive room. A beach motif adorns the walls with white silhouettes of seagulls painted against a orange, red and yellow sunset. The blues of the ocean below are tinged with the bright colors and sparkles in the dying sunlight. Near the baseboards a very realistic strip of beach sand has been painted, chock full of shells and tiny crustaceans. You also see Ilios and Loustos.

1   a fluffy feathered sash                           Price 10        
2   a swirling dye tunic                              Price 10        
3   some swirling dye shorts                          Price 10        
4   a swirling dye belt                               Price 55        
5   a large sunburst beach towel                      Price 15        
6   a bright waist pack                               Price 15        
7   a slender Delphi headband                         Price 10        


All items may be customized with a color.
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