Making Waves

[Making Waves, Bar]
A long painting done in delicate watercolor hangs above the polished wood bar, portraying two young lovers embracing on the seashore. A large menu hangs directly below it, listing the drinks and snacks the charming-eyed bartender will sell. Small tables crowd the floor and along the walls, where clusters of visitors drink and talk. You also see the bartender.

     Welcome to Making Waves!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         4    a mug of spiced cider
      2         4    a tankard of sweet mead
      3         4    a pint of frothy beer
      4         4    a shot of smooth whiskey
      5         5    a shot of strong anise ouzo
      6         5    a tankard of heavy stout
      7         6    a glass of spicy red rum
      8         7    a glass of berry cream liqueur
      9         7    a glass of sweetened white wine
     10         7    a glass of sweet nectar wine
     11         3    a savory seafood filo roll
     12         4    a skewer of butter grilled shrimp
     13         4    a broiled lobster claw
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